The HB Clutch: a machine-washable carry-all, perfect for all stages of parenthood


Spring of 2017, two of my favorite Charleston-based brands approached me – totally independent, and within days of each – to design zippered pouches.  While pouches weren’t something Hemming Birds was crafting at the time, they are products I’ve designed and sewn before.  Just coming off the holiday rush, honestly I was ready for a bit of a challenge and…

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Making it count.


For our final #Stonyfieldblogger post of 2015, we were asked to discuss with our children how we can help them feel loved.  Since my little ones are 5 months and 3 years old this conversation wasn’t overly fruitful (my 3 year old stared at me with wide eyes for a few seconds and then asked me…

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Nature’s Path Granola = Quick, Delicious, Healthy Breakfast #superfood #stonyfieldblogger


As a new mom, I’m slowly perfecting the art of doing things with one hand while holding a baby in the other.   Typing with one hand – yep.  Brushing a teeth while entertaining an infant in the bathroom mirror – check.  Making breakfast while bouncing a cranky baby – got it down.   Having…

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Welcome Eleanor! & a great deal from Shutterfly just in time for holiday shopping!


We are over-the-moon to officially welcome  Miss Eleanor Claire to the hemming birds crew!  Miss H is thrilled to be a big sister, and Matthew and Lizzy are super excited to have a new baby cousin.  These days you hear a lot of “she’s MY baby cousin,” “NO, she’s MYYYY baby cousin,” and “she’s MY baby…

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Stonyfield Makes Fruit Snacks!! + Halloween Treat Bag Inspiration #stonyfieldblogger


It’s almost Halloween which means, as parents, we need to mentally prepare ourselves for the wrath of the sugar-fueled littles.  Before the influx of Halloween candy gets out of control in our house, I’m happy to have a healthier treat option for my almost 3-year-old. Did I mention that Miss H LOVES fruit snacks.  If…

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