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Hemming Birds Create is where we share behind-the-scenes of our shop, introduce new products, and celebrate collaborations. It’s a space for us to create and foster community.  It may be a family recipe, favorite product, tip or trick, or simply a topic we are reflecting on; it may seem a bit random, but it all comes out of a love for what we do, where we are, and who we are surrounded by. 


About Hemming Birds.  At Hemming Birds, our goal is to help you enjoy the messy moments of parenthood.  Let’s face it, little ones are messy – sometimes REALLY messy. We make beautiful, well-made, thoughtfully-designed, parenting essentials. Whether it’s a Charlie Snap Bib that your little one will wear the first time they ever try solid food, or the Essential Burp Cloth that your brand new infant will rest their cheek on the first time their great grandmother holds them, our products will help make the moments beautiful.  Quality and functionality are at the core of our brand; we are parents, and everything we design is meant to work well and hold up.  That means we use only the best materials, sourced from North American manufacturers when possible, and our designs have added details that make sure they hold up well to use (and repeated machine washing!)


In her own words.  I’ve always loved making things. I grew up in a tiny town in southeastern CT with a family that truly valued doing things by yourself and making things from scratch. My childhood memories are filled with long days playing pretend in un-mowed fields, swinging in the loft of my neighbors barn, eating veggies right from the garden, helping my parents lay bricks and paint trim, and watching my mom cook.  This drive to work, build, learn, achieve is something that is crafted into my DNA; the statement “I’m bored” is something I haven’t uttered (with the exception of maybe some “off” days as a teen just to be sassy) since I was a small child.  I left my hometown, heading to Rochester, NY to attend the University of Rochester where I graduated with a B.S. in Neuroscience and also met the wonderful man who would a few years later become my husband. After graduating from UofR,  I attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, graduating in 2011 with a Ph.D in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.  Two days after defending my thesis, my husband and I relocated to Charleston, SC to join both of our siblings who had previously relocated there.  After teaching biology at College of Charleston for 2.5 years, I left in early 2014 to pursue Hemming Birds full time.  


Our greatest creations. The day after Christmas of 2012 we welcomed our first daughter, Hannah, into the world in somewhat dramatic fashion (which I guess we should have expected given we named her after the tropical storm that hit the day of our wedding.)  We joke sometimes that the beginning of our pregnancy (we had a long bought of infertility, at one point being told we’d never be able to have a biological child) and the end (a totally unpredicted, semi-emergency c-section) was dramatic. . .but the rest was relatively easy sailing (OK, minus maybe the first trimester of constant nausea).  Being a working mom with a career in academia was one of the most challenging, draining experiences of my life and after just over a year I made the (very, very difficult) decision to leave. Given all that I had achieved, learned, built it was tough (read: lots of long discussions, tears, etc) however quite quickly I realized it was the right decision.  I literally felt like I could breath again; like a giant weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  Just over a year later we welcomed little sister – Eleanor – into the world, this time with slightly less drama (happy to say she her delivery was a VBAC.)  


Today we are a family of 4, living in Charleston, building a life together and business together.  We are passionate about small business, and ADORE the small business/maker community in Charleston.  We also just love Charleston.  A lot. And food. . .and coffee. . .and farmers markets. . .and the beach.   

Please visit our online shop to see the fun, new products we have available.  Mr. Hemming Birds also blogs here about super detailed, slightly obscure electrical engineering topics PLUS fun woodworking and home DIY topics (he’s also funny. . or at least I think so.)  And if you have a question, comment, or just want to chat shoot me an email at yana@hemming-birds.com. 



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