The HB Clutch: a machine-washable carry-all, perfect for all stages of parenthood

Spring of 2017, two of my favorite Charleston-based brands approached me – totally independent, and within days of each – to design zippered pouches.  While pouches weren’t something Hemming Birds was crafting at the time, they are products I’ve designed and sewn before.  Just coming off the holiday rush, honestly I was ready for a bit of a challenge and something a bit different.  

I’m so glad I said yes, because I LOVE the results of both collaborations . . .AND a few months later, we officially launched the HB Clutch in our shop.

Hemming Birds HB Diaper clutch machine washable toiletry wet bag

So what makes our pouch different?  They are really well made, using high quality materials.  The pouch lining waterproof, so they are perfect to store items that are wet or could potentially leak.  Oh, and they are completely machine washable.  

More details:

The exterior of all HB designed pouches are either canvas or reinforced premium cotton, and the lining is a food-safe, waterproof, North American made, machine washable polyester-vinyl blend.  Add a premium American-made zipper, and throw in a little handcrafted in Charleston, SC and you have a beautiful, washable, well-made carry-all perfect for everything parenthood can throw at it.  

Hemming Birds HB Diaper clutch machine washable toiletry wet bag

Lately, we’ve been using our HB Clutch for potty training.  It’s stocked with an extra set of pants, underwear, and a pack of travel wipes (our favorite are Parasol Co – looks like the travel wipes aren’t available anymore, the regular size wipe packs are available on Amazon); any time we leave the house we make sure we take it.  If my little one has an accident, we have a change of clothes AND a place to store the wet clothes until we get home. 

Hemming Birds HB Diaper clutch | the perfect machine washable potty training carry all

Then, dirty clothes and clutch go in the wash and, when clean, it’s repacked with new clothes.  Even my husband commented on how nice it is having this set up ahead. . .and even though our clutch is the Watercolor Floral print he’s still totally cool with carting it to Lowe’s any day.  

Not a parent?  No problem. I’ve been using one of our test mini clutches (not available in the shop. . yet) as an essentials carry-all for about a year now.  I store my lip gloss + mini bug spray + a few bandaids + floss + small pack of Advil + handful of hair ties/pins. . .you know, all of my incase-of-emergency supplies.  When I go out with different bags, I just make sure to take my mini clutch with me.  One less thing to think about and remember as I’m running out of the house with the kiddos. 

Now about those collaborations.

Old Whaling Co.

I designed a mini clutch for Old Whaling Co The wave fabric was chosen to reflect the “wave” pattern on the top of their handcrafted soaps AND a nod to the nautical theme of their beautiful clutch which is This fall, we did a second round of collaborative bags for them, expanding the selection to include two HB Diaper Clutch size bags in coordinating fabrics. 

Hemming Birds x Old Whaling Co | "Waves" mini clutches, collaborative cosmetic pouch

 We also designed coordinating bibs to go with the mini clutches; they are available in a mom + baby gift set paired with a bar of unscented Castile soap for baby and a lavender body butter and lavender soap bar for mom. All Old Whaling Co products are available in their Etsy shop, in downtown Charleston at the City Market, as well as at Old Whaling Co’s new retail location in Charleston, SC.

Hemming Birds x Old Whaling Co | "Waves" mini clutches, collaborative cosmetic pouch Hemming Birds x Old Whaling Co | "Waves" mini clutches, collaborative cosmetic pouch 

Wash with Water

I designed a modern, black and white print diaper clutch for a collaborative Baby & Mama Gift Set with Wash with Water and Parasol Co.  The black and white splatter pattern was chosen to coordinate with Parasol Co’s modern art print diapers, and the clutch size was designed to fit a pack of travel wipes, a few diapers, and a small selection of other essentials. 

Hemming Birds Clutch Wash with Water Gift Set Parasol Co Diapers Wipes


As a fun accent, we added a bright pink tassel as a zipper pull. This print is absolutely one of my favorites; I may have kept one of the bags to use as a travel makeup bag. And by may have, I mean I totally did. 

Hemming Birds Clutch Wash with Water Gift Set Parasol Co Diapers Wipes 

In the fall, we continued our collaboration for Wash with Water, this time incorporating her exclusive branded fabrics into the project.  The exterior of the branded clutches is a really beautiful, durable, cotton-linen canvas that has been digitally printed (using eco-friendly methods) in North Carolina.  The results are stunning; these mini clutches truly are elegant.

You can see all five of the different branded bags in the Gift Set section of their site.  Which one is your favorite?  I love them all, but if I had to pick I’d say I’m partial to the Yummy Tubby banana print clutch

Hemming Birds Clutch for Wash with Water | machine washable cosmetic pouch with white leather tassel

This darling photo by @jemmyphotocollective is of the Wash with Water Sweet Pea and Me branded clutch.  This fun project even took me way outside my comfort zone into the world of leather crafting to make the coordinating white leather tassels. Doesn’t it look so adorable paired with the Wash with Water travel sized Detangler, Sweet Pea Lotion, and Big Kid Bubble Bath?

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