Ollie Bandana Bibs Stand Out From The Rest #hereiswhy

View More: http://jessiechristensen.pass.us/hemming-birds“Bandana bibs” have made a name for themselves – or really, many names. . .#bandanabibs #bibdanas #hankerchiefbibs.  It’s really not surprising; they are the perfect function-meets-fashion baby item.  Unless you have a super baby that doesn’t drool, spit up, or spit food out then bibs will be a parenting must.  In fact, go to Amazon and search “Bandana Bibs” and you’ll get thousands of hits.

So what makes our bibs special? Here are a few reasons they stand out from the others. 

(1) They are handcrafted in the USA – in fact, right here in South Carolina. 

Our bibs are not mass produced overseas.  We partner with local seamstresses as well as a small, woman-run manufacturer in the Charleston-area to make our products.  When we first launched the Ollie in the Spring of 2015, we made every single bib ourselves. Making our products alone, we quickly reached a point where we couldn’t sew and run the business.  Keeping our manufacturing local was an easy decision for us.  At our core we knew that we wanted to keep our products made locally, to help support our local economy.  Hemming Birds Ollie Bandana Bib Double Gauze Drool Bib Bibdana PeachYes, it does mean our costs are higher.  We are not going to hide the fact that our products are more expensive than what you can buy on Amazon,  cheap products is not what Hemming Birds is about. We value the highest quality of craftsmanship and the relationships with local craftspeople to help make our products. 

(2) Ollie Bandana bibs are made from luxurious, and relatively uncommon, materials.

We’ve searched high and low to find the best materials for our bibs.  We’ve specifically chosen to craft our bibs from double gauze (more about this material in our previous Ollie bib post here) because it is amazingly soft and absorbent.  

Relative to other cotton materials, double gauze is rare and expensive.  However, the properties of gauze make it ideal for baby products, an in particular, bibs and burp cloths.

Anchors organic bandana bib nauticalWe are also excited to now offer you select Ollie’s made from ORGANIC double gauze (the Ollie shown here is an organic option called “Anchors Aweigh”) and will continue to expand our organic line as materials become available. 

(3) A better design, carefully crafted. 

When you compare our design and craftsmanship to mass produced bandana bibs you can buy elsewhere (oh yes, we’ve done it – we have dozens of other bandana bibs in our studio) you’ll notice a few major differences.  Hemming Birds Bandana Bibs Handcrafted in the USA Construction The most obvious?  Our design and construction method means no ugly exposed edges that fray as they are repeatedly washed.  Yes, it means they take longer to make. . . but it makes a huge difference.  The photo below shows the back (or “wrong side” of an Ollie bib, notice how the exposed edges are carefully folded and stitched).

 (4) Generously sized and adjustable; fits babies, toddlers, and even can be used as a head kerchief #multifunctional

Ollie bibs have two snap settings, allowing them to fit around the neck of little ones four months and up. They are generously sized to fit toddlers and little kids, and a few quick folds makes them small enough to fit an infant (and provides extra layers for drool absorption). 

ollie bandana bib bibdana baby drool bib willow sparkle gender neutral

As parents to little ones, we are all about multifunctional products. This summer, while out-and-about with my little ones, I forgot to bring a hat for my little lady (who still, even at 18 months old barely has hair, lol).  Before covering her poor head in sunscreen, I remembered that I had a bandana bib with me. . . and so I put in on her head.  Not only was it stinkin’ cute, but it covered her head and she wore it. . all day.  After that day, we never left the house without an Ollie: to the beach, in the backyard, to the farmers market.  


Now, if you’ve gotten this far and are thinking to yourself  “what is so special about bandana bibs, anyway?” then here are a few attributes that separate them from the rest of the bibs in their class: 

First, they are shaped to not get in the way of a mobile baby.  Little one learning to crawl?  The unique shape of bandana bibs keeps them from getting caught up in their chubby little paws when they start to pull themselves up and crawl. Maddie_Petunia_Crawling_01

Second, they are pretty darn cute and stylish.  Add a bandana bib to a white bodysuit and you’ve got an adorable, simple baby outfit.  Their stylishness and simplicity lend them to be an “all day bib” as opposed to a bib worn just for mealtime.  

Third, they are certainly not just for babies! Style your toddlers outfit with a bandana (and yes, toddlers drool too!) or even use them as head scarves for bigger kids.

Have any questions or concerns?  Please feel free to email us at info@hemming-birds.com.  If you like anything that you’ve seen here you can find Ollie bibs in our shop here: Ollie Bandana Bibs. 

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