Stonyfield Makes Fruit Snacks!! + Halloween Treat Bag Inspiration #stonyfieldblogger

It’s almost Halloween which means, as parents, we need to mentally prepare ourselves for the wrath of the sugar-fueled littles.  Before the influx of Halloween candy gets out of control in our house, I’m happy to have a healthier treat option for my almost 3-year-old.

Halloween Treat Bags - Stonyfield Fruit Snacks Review | Hemming Birds Create

Did I mention that Miss H LOVES fruit snacks.  If you ask her what she is going to buy when we go grocery shopping she always replies “fruit snacks.”  So of course when I found out that Stonyfield was introducing fruit snacks to their line of delicious and healthy products I was more than excited to try them out.  

Yep, they are delicious.  Like, really really delicious.  I personally ate two packages while writing and editing photos for this blog post.  Ok, fine – three.

Halloween Treat Bags - Stonyfield Fruit Snacks Review | Hemming Birds Create

And no surprise, Miss H loves them too.  The best part is that I don’t feel guilty giving them too her.  

Stonyfield Fruit Snacks Review | Hemming Birds Create

Yes, they are still a treat – but they are organic, are made from real fruit and veggie juice, don’t contain any artificial colors, and contain 100% of your daily value of vitamin C.  Plus, compared to other fruit snacks I will say (1) they really are delicious (have you tried fruit snacks? they truly are not all created equal), (2) they don’t stick to your teeth as much as some fruit snacks, and (3) they come in perfectly kid-sized packs that each contain only 70 calories.

Since Stonyfield was super generous and sent us 16 boxes of fruit snacks to test out, I decided I wanted to spread the love and let all y’all try them too!  Jennifer and I have been sending them out with any orders that include Halloween bibs.Hemming Birds Halloween Collection + Stonyfield Fruit Snacks

I also put together these quick and really cute treat bags for the kids in my daughters class at school. Each bag contains two packages of snacks (one of each flavor – Strawberry and Mixed Berry).Halloween Treat Bags - Kraft bags with washi tape tags | Hemming Birds Create

I made the treat bags using Kraft paper gift bags, kraft tags, and bakers twine from the dollar section of Target (I have a Target dollar section addiction – and I suspect I’m not the only one!) + Scotch brand washi tape from Staples.   After filling each bag, I folded the tops over, wrapped them twice around with bakers twine, and added a cute tag.  Simple, quick – and cute!  

The tags were made with two pieces of glitter washi tape that were wrapped around a kraft paper tag and pinked at the edges to make the back of the tag look cute too.  I wrote “trick or treat” on each tag with a Sharpie and then signed Hannah’s name on the back.  That’s it!  Super easy.  Halloween Treat Bags | Hemming Birds Create

I’m so thrilled that a bunch of others will get to try out Stonyfield’s new fruit snacks – and that at least one treat my daughter’s classmates will receive for Halloween will be on the healthier side!  If you’d like to try out Stonyfield fruit snacks check HERE for a store in your area that carries their products.  They started shipping in August, so you should start seeing them pop up in your local stores (and if not, you can ask your store to carry them!)

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are 100% our own.  I did receive Stonyfield fruit snacks to review as part of the Stonyfield Ambassador program.  We only ever work with companies we support and think you, our readers, will enjoy. For more information, please review our full disclosure policy here.

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