16 Minute Club Box Review – a fun way to try out breastfeeding-friendly products

Jennifer and I first heard about 16 Minute Club a little under a year ago when we were introduced to Wendy, the certified lactation consultant and all-around wonderful lady who curates the boxes.  We were thrilled to have 16 Minute Club be our first wholesale retail order – and you’ll still find Hemming Birds Boutique Charlie bibs in their wonderful boxes!


When I found out I was expecting baby #2 I was so excited to try out 16 Minute Club for myself!  And now I can say that I’m even more proud that are bibs are part of such a wonderful collection of mom and baby-friendly items.  

Here are the basics: 

  • multiple boxes, each containing products and literature aimed at meeting breastfeeding goals at different developmental stages
  • contents are a surprise, and are mailed every 6 weeks for up to one year
  • purchase a whole year subscription, or individual boxes (or a few individual boxes)
  • occasional “special edition” boxes, like the recent “fun in the sun” box.  
  • purchase for yourself, or as a gift!

I decided to give it a try and purchase the first few boxes. . .and can honestly say I’m totally in love with them!  The first box (box #1=pre-natal box) was packed full of goodies for the end of pregnancy and the very beginning of new mommy hood.  

16 Minute Club Box Review

Here is what is inside (top to bottom; left to right):

16 Minute Club Box Review

My thoughts:

First, there is a TON of stuff in the box – it’s totally worth the cost of the box (just the Branch to Nature Belly Stick alone retails for ~$15).  Second, I’d never heard of many of the brands and am excited to test out their products.

More specifically:

  • The early weeks of breasfeeding are, well, difficult on your boobies (yes, I said “boobies”).  Nipple cream becomes a very good friend, one you never leave home without.  I used Lanisoh lanolin with baby #1, and am definitely interested in some of the other nipple creams as well as the wipes (they have already been packed into my hospital bag).  I’m glad they included both lanolin-containing and lanolin-free nipple creams, as some people are allergic to lanolin.   
  • I hate pre-natal vitamins. . .and I never drink enough water.  I really wish I had heard of Mommy Water before, it’s truly the perfect solution for more.  Not only am I drinking more, but I looked forward to “taking” my vitamins.  My only complaint – and it’s minor – is that I’m not a huge fan of any non-sugar sweeteners, and there is stevia in Mommy water.  Regardless, I’ll be ordering more.
  • LOVE reusable nursing pads – so psyched to receive more of them.  They were my go-to with baby #1, with disposables as back up.  I always found that the reusable ones were less “noticeable” under clothing.  
  • I’ve also been using the Branch to Nature Belly Stick and love it.  I’m super fortunate in that I don’t really get stretch marks when i’m pregnant (or at least I haven’t these two times). . . but even so, packing a full baby into your torso is tough on your skin.  I love that the shea butter is in stick form; it makes it super easy to apply.  And it smells nice and makes your skin really, really soft.  Plus, it works well on elbows too :)

Breastfeeding my firstborn was an amazing experience for me, and as much as I know it is a bumpy road at times I’m truly looking forward to nursing my second little one.  

I breastfed my first little lady until she self-weaned at 16 months old.  It’s an experience I would never trade for anything, however I’ll say it did not come without difficulties.  The beginning was painful – yes, painful.  However, it got better.  Then, as soon as we’d get into a routine something would change.  It’s am amazing relationship, one that we worked on together, and in the end I was sad that it was over.  

I remember my college roommate telling my that she cried the last time she breasted her first baby – this was something I really couldn’t understand until I became a mom – and it’s something I’m sure many other mothers will understand.

Maybe this sounds a bit “selfish” but I’m going to continue my subscription to 16 Minute Club not only to learn more about breastfeeding, to find out about new, helpful products that support breastfeeding, and as a “gift” to myself.  I mean, who doesn’t like getting a box full of fun surprises every 6 weeks?  

Psst. . . I just received Box #2.  What’s inside?  You’ll have to wait and see :)

This was not a sponsored post.  I purchased the 16 Minute Club boxes on my own and was so thrilled with them that I wanted to share with y’all!


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