Meet “Ollie” – the most luxurious drool bib ever #hemmingbirds

We are so very thrilled to formally introduce you to our newest product, the “Ollie” drool bib. 

the "Ollie" bandana drool bib hemming birds boutiqueWe’ve been tossing around the idea of a bandana-style drool bib for a while now, however every demo bib we made just wasn’t quite right.  The designs didn’t excite us, and the materials just didn’t seem special enough.

That was until we met double-gauze.

What is double gauze?  Just the most luxurious material ever. You may already be familiar with double gauze (also referred to as “muslin”) as the material used to make the ever-popular Aden & Anais swaddling blankets.  

bandana drool bib hemming birds boutique

Double gauze is, as the name alludes to, two layers of gauze fabric.  Gauze fabric is wonderfully soft and has a very open weave (making it breathable). . . however, it is quite thin and see-through.  Layering it maintains all of the wonderful properties, while also giving it enough thickness to be more opaque.  

bandana drool bib hemming birds boutique

It also comes in an absolutely BEAUTIFUL selection of colors!  Our first “Ollie” collection is available in ten different colors – five solids (left image, L-R: vintage opal, deep indigo, sweet petunia, honeydew, and fresh peach) and five “sparkle” patterns (right, L-R: aqua, willow, saffron, midnight, and papaya).  

The “Ollie” is actually two layers of double gauze, giving it a wonderful bandana-style drape with just enough fabric bunching up around your little ones neck to catch all that pesky drool!  Also, the “Ollie” fastens behind the neck with two sets of snaps, allowing for it to continue to fit as your little one grows.

ollie bandana drool bib hemming birds boutique

And for an added bonus, it not only works great as a drool bib but also looks awfully cute on older kids as an adorable fashion accessory (evidence below in the form of Miss H sporting the saffron sparkle Ollie).  

the "ollie" bandana drool bib hemming birds boutique

We’ve also found in our tests that it is quite absorbent, and continues to get softer and softer as you wash it – so basically everything you’d want in a drool bib!


And thus is the story of the “Ollie” drool bib.  We are so excited that y’all LOVE them as much as we do and can’t wait for more little ones to test them out!  Grab a pair in our shop today for yourself or as a wonderful baby shower gift!


  1. April M. says

    I love these colors they are so bright and vibrant! I can not wait to see what new patterns you guys get!

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