Remembering when my baby was a YoBaby (and a giveaway!) #StonyfieldBlogger

Stonyfield YoBabyWe had a somewhat unique experience when it came to introducing our little one (Miss H – who is now 2!) to dairy products.  See, when she was 3 months old she was diagnosed with a cows milk protein allergy.  

While cow milk protein allergies in infants are something you hear about more often these days, luckily they are rare.  Without going into too much detail, it means that cow milk proteins (either consumed directly, or found in breastmilk from mom) cause an allergic reaction in the baby’s gut causing severe irritation and resulting in a very unhappy baby that doesn’t sleep well and is cranky a lot, especially when they are in a sitting position.  Finally, it’s usually diagnosed by testing for the presence of blood in the baby’s dirty diapers. Poor little ones!

Miss H - 4 months old What it meant for us was that while I was breastfeeding Miss H I had to avoid any food with milk proteins.  Sounds easy enough, right?  There are all sorts of dairy free products available now, right?

Not so much.  We aren’t talking about lactose intolerance, which is what most dairy-free food is catering too.  Lactose is a sugar. . .milk proteins are, well, proteins.  Even foods marked as “dairy free” often have milk proteins in them.  They are extremely prevalent in any sort of processed foods (even bread from the bakery!), and since butter is dairy it really means you have to avoid eating out (unless you eat vegan).  

Switching to a milk protein free diet is challenging, and I give major kudos to anyone else who has done it, but it is absolutely do able.  Breastfeeding Miss H was extremely important to me, so I made the change.  There are a lot of resources online, including Pinterest which is fantastic for finding new recipes (Here is my dairy-free recipe board).  Yes, it was difficult – inconvenient mostly – but for 5 and a half months I did it, and you can too.   

The good news about milk protein allergies in infants is that most of the time they grow out of them before their first birthday – which was the case with our little lady.  

Little_H_Bib_BW How does YoBaby fit into the story here?  Well, when we (myself, my husband, and our pediatrician) felt it was time to challenge Miss H’s digestive system with dairy we straight up gave her yogurt (she was 8.5 months old at that point).  I was still breastfeeding and could have eaten dairy myself, however, milk proteins can take up to two weeks to completely exit your bloodstream.  So, if Miss H was still allergic to cows milk proteins I would have been re-exposing her every time she nursed. Ugh.

We agreed that the better option was to simply just feed her dairy.  If it was still an irritant, we’d find out quickly and it would leave her gut quicker than it would have cleared out of my body.  So we gave her YoBaby.  And good news, she was just fine!  

After a few weeks of slowly adding dairy to her diet she completely fell in love.  Seriously, I swear the kid ate nothing but yogurt for breakfast every day for months. 

Toddler_H_Yogurt_SidebySideAfter YoBaby, we switched to Stonyfield’s Smooth & Creamy (the banilla was an instant hit, now she LOVES the French vanilla).  We still stick to mainly Stonyfield products in our house – they are delicious and I trust that when I give them to my little one I’m giving her only the best ingredients.

 Lately we’e been rocking the YoTot packs, especially on the go.  Half the time when I’m out shopping only a portion of what goes in the cart comes home uneaten (see evidence below – this time Miss H has help from her cousin, E). 

Our family LOVES Stonyfield YoTot

So, in honor of our LOVE for Stonyfield yogurt and to help celebrate YoBaby turning 16 we are hosting a giveaway!  Use the widget below to enter for your chance to win four coupons for free YoBaby as well as a YoBaby organic cotton bib and beanie.  

PLUS, Hemming Birds Boutique is throwing in a bonus – a three-pack of bibs from our new spring 2015 collection (choose three from the twelve new patterns hitting our shop later this week!).  We know that little ones are messy creatures, so you are definitely going to need some extra bibs for all of that yogurt!

YoBaby & Hemming Birds Boutique Giveaway

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  1. Margaret Leonard says

    Love this so much! I just shared this with a friend who is having the same issue with her 5 week old. We also had Stonyfield for dinner!

    • yana says

      thanks for sharing margaret! It’s certainly a hard thing to go through, especially watching your little one be uncomfortable. It’s totally worth any inconvenience to not see them in pain. Thankfully there are tons of resources online – and a lot of specialty foods available nowadays in grocery stores. Once you figure out what to avoid (I always kept a list with me) it gets a lot easier :) Also, glad you like Stonyfield! We LOVE them – we usually have a bunch of their stuff in our fridge :) Hannah still loves yogurt!

  2. Stacey Y says

    My daughter loves yogurt. We started her out with Stonyfield plain yogurt mixed with jarred baby fruits. Now she eats a variety of flavors and enjoys all of them.

    • yana says

      Mixing the plain yogurt with jarred baby fruit is such a good idea! Especially if you are introducing them to yogurt for the first time – that way if you mix in fruit they’ve had before you know the yogurt is the only new food you are giving them. Clever!

  3. Tina says

    I have not tried their yogurt brand, but I will next time I venture to the store! My little men LOVE their yogurt !

    • yana says

      Hi Tina – you should give it a try, it’s quite delicious. Even Mike and I switched over to Stonyfield. I’m currently loving the Greek & Chia (not something I thought I’d like) and he LOVES the Petite Creme (and so does Hannah!). :)

  4. David says

    Our kids like yogurt, but part of that is because when I give it to them I make them think it is pudding. I always say, “Do you want strawberry or peach pudding?”. It works every time!!!

    • yana says

      Ha, nice. Sometimes you just go with it, especially if “it” is working. I was just talking with another mom who told me her kids eat asparagus because she calls them green french fries. :)

  5. Meena R says

    My daughter loves yogurt, especially strawberry flavored yogurt. The funny things is she’s picky about eating strawberries on their own, but she loves strawberry flavored foods.

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