Yana’s Picks: “Shop handmade” for your Valentine’s Day card

I admit it, I really like greeting cards.  In a world where everything is “e” this and “online” that I think there is really something special about handwriting a card.  And who doesn’t love receiving actual mail?  

The past few years I’ve found that a few weeks to months out I usually end up stumbling upon the perfect Valentine’s Day card for my husband.  This year was no exception.  While browsing Maggie Whitley’s website I stumbled upon the Etsy store of Julie Ann Art and found a winner.  

If you’d rather “shop small” for a Valentine’s Day card instead of heading to your local Hallmark or (shudder) grabbing a card last minute at the grocery store, here are a few bits of inspiration to begin you search. Below you’ll find a mix of shops I love and new finds. . . and if you look closely you’ll see i’m a sucker for letterpress.  

Valentine's Day Card shopping inspiration - shop small | Hemming Birds Create

1) Julie Ann Art (dishwasher card)  This year, this is the shop I my husband’s card from. Unfortunately, at the time I missed this gem (though I still love the one I chose).  It’s so perfect for my husband – I poke fun at him all the time for his shockingly terrible dishwasher loading skills (given that he far surpasses me in any other spatial orientation sort of skill or test).

2) Hello Lucky (Amazeballs card) Fun, quirky shop full of beautiful letterpress cards – I’ve purchased a few from them.

3) R & B Printery (XOXO heart card).  Love the colors used on this beautiful letterpress card – and bonus, their (semi-) local! (A few more minutes browsing their Etsy shop and I was sold on this 4-pack of birthday cards).

4) Penelope’s Press (Birds on a bench).  Absolutely beautiful Etsy shop.  Clean, modern, lovely cards and custom stationary sets.  

5) Ink Meets Paper.  (With you. . card) I’ve admired Ink Meets Paper’s work for a while, they are a wonderful local couple that does truly beautiful work.

6) Turtles Soup (Ron Swanson Card).  Lots of fun pop culture references here – we are suckers for a good Parks and Rec joke in our household :)

Hope y’all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day :)


Disclosure: All opinions are my own, I was not solicited to do this review.  Additionally, individual card image photography credits are to the shop owners linked below.  

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