Diaper Bag Sewing Pattern Review

This is hands-down my favorite completed project – ever.  When I finished it (at around 12:30am) I sat and stared at it in wonder with weary, but content eyes.  

custom handmade diaper bag using spoon flower cotton canvas

This was not my first go with the FANTASTIC Lola Bean Diaper Bag Pattern from Sew Much Ado.  I used it about two years ago to make our own diaper bag, finishing just a few weeks before Miss H was born.  

The best part about this bag, is that the new momma (“Mrs. Dubs”) receiving it is one of the sweetest, and fun people I know.  Her and her husband just recently welcomed an adorable little dude into the world, and I know much like his parents he’ll be a one-of-a-kind fella with a head full of curls (that in a few years will be melting the ladies’ hearts).  

We started designing the bag this Spring, and went back-and-forth a bunch of times trying to find the right fabric.  Our search for a gender neutral home decor fabric turned up short – we just weren’t in love with any of the ones we found.  

So I turned to Spoonflower

If you are unfamiliar with Spoonflower, you should check them out.  The company was started in 2008 by “two internet geeks who had crafty wives.”  It is a marketplace where anyone can upload a surface pattern design and have it printed as fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, or wall decals . . . .and, ANYONE else can also buy their designs.  What it offers to the general public is a huge selection of prints to suit any taste.  

Handmade diaper bag made with Spoonflower linen-cotton canvas

I’ve known Mrs. Dubs for a long time – well before she was a “Mrs.”  I know she LOVES turtles, and that having grown up in New England her husband shares her love of marine life.  I searched Spoonflower’s vast library of fabrics for “turtle” and came upon this lovely pattern: Under the Sea by Dennisthebadger  

I ordered up two yards in linen-cotton canvas and have to say I am SO very impressed not only by the print, but by the material as well.  It was great to work with, washed up really well (I pre washed the fabric), and I have a sense it will hold up well too.  I would absolutely order from Spoonflower again!

Handmade diaper bag made with Spoonflower linen-cotton canvas

I also can’t say enough about Sew Much Ado’s pattern.  It is wonderfully written and comes together perfectly.  I did make a few minor modifications based on my experience with our diaper bag – they have nothing to do with problems with the pattern, but are rather just small changes to better suit our style and needs.

(1) I changed the interior pockets to better accommodate cloth diapers.  The pattern calls for two equal sized pockets on one side, and three on the other.  I changed it so that both sides of the interior had one extra-large pocket, and another medium pocket.  So, each side will be able to hold two cloth diapers, as well as wipes, diaper cream, etc.  

Handmade diaper bag, gender neutral, made with Spoonflower linen-cotton canvas

I love the interior zipper pocket – it’s perfect for an extra set of clothes! 

Handmade diaper bag, gender neutral, made with Spoonflower linen-cotton canvas

(2) A minor modification – I reinforced around the heavy magnetic snap.  I am constantly opening and closing my bag, and I’ve noticed that the fabric around the snap has taken a bit of a beating.  I stitched around the snap to secure it to both the exterior and interior fabrics.


(3) I used an extra thick interfacing to give the bag a lot of structure.  We’ve started using Pellon Fusible Fleece Thermolam for our toddler handbags and love the way it adds structure without become wrinkly when we work with it.  We tried almost all the heavy weight fusible interfacing types available, and by far this has been our favorite. 

(4) I left out the ruffle on the original pattern.  While I think it is really adorable, I felt it wouldn’t really work with a “gender neutral” style bag.

All The Details:

 Handmade diaper bag made with Spoonflower linen-cotton canvas



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