Bib Review on the Crackers & Carrots blog

We are honored and excited to have our bibs featured today on Crackers and Carrots!

Hemming Birds Boutique Bibs featured on Crackers & Carrots blog

photo courtesy of Caroline of Crackers & Carrots

Caroline is incredibly talented – if you haven’t checked out her main food blog Chocolate & Carrots you are missing out!  Not only are her recipes delicious (our favorite is the thai peanut sauce – seriously, it takes a few minutes to make and it is delicious!!!), but her photographs are stunning.  And, she always finds clever ways to make recipes healthier.  This is an incredible feat, considering that she mostly posts about desserts!

Many things amaze and impress me about Caroline, including the fact that she is both a self-taught photographer and baker!  Secondly, she runs both Chocolate & Carrots as well as Crackers & Carrots (which features posts about pregnancy and parenting) while raising a spirited (and adorable!) toddler.  Third, her writing is incredibly open and honest. Whether it is modeling the contents of her latest clothing box (see more below) or opening up about breastfeeding issues and baby blues, she shares the full story with her readers.

Interestingly, some of her recent posts that I’ve enjoyed the most have actually not been food-related, but rather fashion-related (here is an example).  Caroline has been trying out a few different fashion “boxes,” including Stitch Fix and Golden Tote.  The best part, every time she receives a box she goes through the contents and shows you pictures of her wearing the clothes!  She explains the pros and cons, and even tells you what she keeps and what goes back.  She’s inspired me to try a Golden Tote next month – maybe I’ll even follow suit and show you what I got!


    • yana says

      Thanks Cassie! I like it a lot too. Caroline’s main blog, Chocolate & Carrots is also fantastic. I’ve tried out a few of her recipes, and they’ve all been wonderful. . .I have a handful more I want to test out too.

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