Shop update #3: Meet our bibs!

hemming birds boutiques Spring 2014 toddler bib collection | hemming birds boutique

We introduced you to our bag designs in Shop Update #1. . . .now meet our BIBS!  Jennifer and I have plans for a variety of children’s accessories (more bags!! . . .ooh, and colorful, vintage-inspired toddler aprons!!. . .shh, I’ve said too much already!).  However, if we kept dreaming and designing then our shop would never open.

So, very soon (stay tuned!) we’ll be launching the hemming birds boutique online store with our two bag designs (the “June” handbag and the “Jane” mini-tote) and our one style/one size infant/toddler bib.

Introducing, the hemming birds boutique Spring 2014 collection bibs!


Want to learn more about how we design and craft our bibs?  Keep reading! (Bonus – there are some pretty adorable pictures of baby bib models).

PATTERN DESIGN: We’ve tested many different bib patterns over the past few years and have combined all of the features we liked in each pattern into our hemming birds infant/toddler bib.


BIB SIZE: Our bibs are sized to fit infants and toddlers.  They are not too wide (won’t get caught under your little one’s arms), but wide enough to keep clothes clean!


SNAP CLOSURE: We quickly found that as soon as our kids realized they could pull a bib fastened with velcro off that bibs no longer stayed on.  Snaps hold more securely, however they will open given enough force (important for anything that goes around a child’s neck!).  We use the same plastic snaps utilized by the cloth diaper industry, which means they have already been safety tested and meet all CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) regulations.

SIDE SNAP: Our bibs go around the neck and fastens at the side. . .easy to put on a wiggly child without catching their delicate hair in the snap!  It also means that babies leaning backwards on something don’t have a snap digging into their skin!


  • Front: high-quality designer quilting-weight cotton
  • Back: high-quality polar fleece.  Why fleece? For one, it is SUPER soft (perfect for wiping messy faces!) and it is also thick enough to prevent liquid from soaking through the bib onto your little ones’ clothes.  We tested many different backing fabrics and found that fleece holds up well to washing and also doesn’t shrink (which was a problem with many of the absorbent natural materials we tried).

Meet our fabric designs! 

Our Spring 2014 collection will launch with six modern, colorful fabric designs.  These six fabrics are from Art Gallery Fabrics, a relatively new fabric manufacturer that has very quickly become a favorite in the sewing community.  We are particularly in love designer Leah Duncan’s work – we’ve chosen three of her fabrics for our bibs and a few more for our bags!

Spring 2014 Bib Combo 1: three designs by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics (from her “Tule” and “Meadow” collections)


Spring 2014 Bib Combo 2: three designs by AGF Studio for Art Gallery Fabrics (from “The Littlest” Collection).


The best part is that all six patterns coordinate together nicely!  You can also mix-and-match from the two combos to create your own selection of bibs.

Three_MixedCombo_TriosHope you enjoyed learning about our bibs.  We CANNOT wait for to add a stylish touch to mealtime with the little ones in your lives!



  1. Elizabeth Gilger says

    Just received for as a gift! Absolutely love love the patterns and the fabrics used! Can’t wait for Lily to test them out.

    • jennifer wieckowski says

      We are so happy you like them Liz!! Let us know what you think when you start using them for sweet baby Lily. We would love to hear your feedback. Congratulations!!!

  2. says

    The fabric that you have used for these bibs are all stunning. It caught my attention so much. I love how they turned out, very wonderful. You are a so great! I am so impressed!

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