Toddler Pillowcase – Tutorial coming soon!

How hard could it possible be to find a toddler pillow and a cute pillowcase?  Or even a travel pillowcase? Turns out that it isn’t as easy as I thought!

My 16 month old daughter loves our pillows in bed.  Naturally, as all mothers do, I wanted to get her one of her own.  And it needed to be really cute to go with her cute personality :)

What I did find was a travel pillow that is 14×20 inches.  (Mainstay makes one for Walmart). Perfect!  Only the pillowcase choices were plain white or rainbow colored dots… ummm, not quite what I was looking for.

So…. another sewing project!  After searching the sewing blogsphere, I found some good tutorials, but they were for standard size pillows.  What better time than now to design my own little pillowcase! This will be my first tutorial and I’m really excited.  I have learned many sewing techniques via tutorials on blogs and I know how valuable they can be to those beginning to sew out there.  Plus… this one is REALLY easy and you do not need a serger!

toddler pillow 3 copy

I purchased the “eyelet trim” at Hobby Lobby and the fabric “Sweet Forest” from JoAnne’s.

Please stay tuned!  I am finalizing the tutorial and will have it posted very soon!

– Jennifer

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